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Did we make an impression?


Hey there! We’re Jake and Noel, and, yes, that is a very big starry sky background, and sometimes things just don’t really need to make sense.

Jake is the designer in this and you can take a look at his portfolio in the menu. If you see anything visual, he probably made it. Also, if you ever tell him something can’t be done, he will try to prove you wrong.

Noel, on the other hand, is the one who’s passionate about all things Disney, but it doesn’t stop there, he’s an avid gamer and he’ll kick your butt in any Mario Kart challenge. He’s always bringing positivity and can calm anyone down in a stressful situation.

Finally, as for Geeqbox, it’s a passion project to be able to share our excitement for geeky things in an artsy way with the world.

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